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Best Practices 2018

Where is the center of mobile banking excellence in Europe?

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Europe largest economies and countries with the Largest Online Banking Coverage


The largest retail and digital banks operating in one of the sountries studied

300best practices

Non-standard successful implementations of major user tasks in mobile bank

Watching global trends is crucial for companies willing to be digital champions. Which European banks are the trendsetters? Which banks answer particular users' tasks better than the others? And when it comes to implementation, how to make a decision about which of the best practices shall be implemented first, in order to distinguish service from competitors and win customers’ loyalty in conditions of limited resources?

That's where the European Mobile Banking Best Practices study comes in, conducted by the leading Russian UX agency Markswebb. This study provides more than 300 best practices relating to the implementation of various users’ tasks gathered in more than 50 European banks. Some of these best practices can be directly implemented into the mobile banking application, while others serve as a benchmark or inspiration.

All the best practices are structured by 13 users' tasks and represented in a map which is designed to be a convinient navigation tool through the large database.

best practices map
Major users' tasks
best practices highlights
Money transfer
to nearby user

Usually bank transfer requires details of the account to be credited or the use of a third party’s application to complete a telephone number transfer. Although, for cash transfer between Revolut clients located in close proximity, geolocation search is available. Users found nearby are displayed on the search screen as a list with photos. Results may be limited, for example, to people who are included in smartphone contacts. Visibility settings can be changed to include contacts only or all bank clients.

Overseas trip expenditures in the event feed

The app automatically issues a trip summary entitled Your Trip in “Country Name”, where trip duration and total expenditures are shown. The event details show how many operations were completed and the average shopping amount for each transaction (both in the account currency and expenditure currency), allowing the client to proceed to the comprehensive trip shopping list.

Voice recognition chat-bot

EVO Banco clients can obtain the answer to their question not only on the website or in a contact center, but via the chat-bot which does not even require authorization in the app. The user can speak directly to the bot, without needing to use the keypad, and the bot then selects the most suitable answer.

EVO Banco

Mobile banking apps in 10 countries were selected for the study:

  • 5 largest European economies: Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy and France.
  • 5 European countries where more than 90% of the population use digital banking services: Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland and Sweden.

In each country, mobile apps from the largest retail and digital banks were selected – i.e. those most likely to contain a high concentration of best practices and solutions. The study also included 5 international digital banks currently operating in several European countries.

Altogether, 53 banks and all their mobile applications for iPhone and Android smartphones participated in the study.

How to find the best practices in mobile banking?
Recruiting the Agents

Agents were recruited to obtain full access to European Bank’s mobile apps. These agents set up accounts in the banks, issued debit cards and completed several offline shopping transactions in retail outlets. They then transferred these mobile banking accesses to Markswebb experts and forwarded one-time passwords, if required.

Desktop Survey

Whilst carrying out desktop surveying, Markswebb experts completed all possible operations in the bank mobile apps available for a debit card owner. Official sites, call-centers and bank chats, app descriptions and demo-versions were used as supplementary information sources.

In order to reveal specific aspects of online banking in the countries studied, we conducted a series of interviews with agents, studied European directives and legal regulations.

Selection and Description

All cases obtained through desktop surveying were assessed regarding the quality of their user’s task solutions. Experts studied how exactly implementation works, to what extent it is unique, what added value it creates for the user and how it addresses problems while operating with typical solutions from the other banks.

Then all best practices were classified according to all major user’s tasks.

Practical utility

Global mobile banking development trends

Continuous access to a selection of the best, non‑standard solutions

Source of ideas and inspiration for mobile banking development

Unique features of mobile banking in different European countries

Full report contents
PDF file

The Report includes all data obtained by us and summary of these data analyses:

  • best practices guide;
  • 300+ best practices with detailed descriptions;
  • descriptions of specific features of financial life in the countries studied and their effect on mobile banking;
  • descriptions and illustrations of user’s scenarios.

See example

Video-case base

1500+ video-cases, demonstrating user-stories for all major unique scenarios:

  • 30+ videos per bank;
  • more than 25-hours duration and more than 13 GB in total.

See example

We are consultants for a wide range of issues relating to the delivery and development of online products: websites, mobile and desktop apps, personal accounts, CRM-systems and online service frameworks.
Years of research

Every year, the Agency performs a number of independent studies of financial online services.

All studies are performed to conform with in-house methodology based on qualitative comparative analysis. The study has no sponsors and external clients.

Custom solutions

For 8 years we have accumulated enough expertise to solve complex tasks in a field of creating and developing online products.

To do this, we conduct highly specialized research, do audits, develop a strategy to achieve complex business goals and create effective online services - profitable for the company and useful to its clients.

Great reputation

Markswebb customers are the largest Russian and foreign companies interested in creating high-quality digital products.

  • 70 of the 100 largest banks in Russia;
  • leading developers of digital products and platforms;
  • largest companies in the field of retail, media and transport.
Alexey Skobelev
Mikhail Kozis
Research Lead
Julia Nagaytseva
Maxim Sokolov
UX Analyst
Olga Rizhinskaya
UX Analyst
Vasiliy Efanov
Client Manager
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